Cloud Linux Containers!

We use the latest innovations in cloud computing and operating-system-level virtualization to offer almost instant root access servers with integrated Let’s Encrypt HTTPS web and port forwarding.

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What are containers?

LXC (Linux Containers) is an operating-system-level virtualization method for running multiple isolated Linux systems (containers) on a control host using a single Linux kernel. You can find more information about this awesome technology at

Legacy Cloud Provioning VS Linux Containers

Traditional Hypervisor virtualization requires multiple additional layers, including simulating all the hardware which has a larger overhead, cost and slower provisioning of new instances. With Linux Container provioning, virtualization happens at the host servers operating system level, so there is no overhead of simulating the hardware. This offers better resource efficiency, more flexablility and lightning fast provioning.

Instant Provisioning

Your container is live and booted in seconds! Choose your resources, Linux distro or app image and get your cloud server instantly.

Web & Port Forwarding

Easily forward web and tcp/udp traffic to your containers.

Let's Encrypt Enabled

Fully automated FREE SSL security for your web traffic.

Integrated Shellinabox

Hassle free direct access to your containers through shellinabox.

High-Performance SSD Storage & Compute

We source our servers from the best companies in the business to deliver you mind-blowing performance and reliability.

Global Server Locations

Deploy your application in many global data centers including, London (UK), Paris (FRA), Frankfurt (GER), Amsterdam (NL), Bangalore (IN), Singapore (SG), Tokyo (JP), Sydney (AU), Toronto (CA), Dallas (US), Fremont (US), Newark (US), Seattle (US), San Francisco (US), Miami (US), Atlanta (US), Chicago (US), Los Angeles (US), New York (US), Silicon Valley (US).

About Us

We provide an affordable alternative cloud server solution using Linux Containers (LXC) with web and port forwarding.

We also provide flexible bespoke versions for "self-hosted" businesses and developers, please get in touch for further details.

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