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Deploy a cloud server in just a few seconds, with our easy to use multi-server LXD web control panel, with web and port forwarding.

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An easy way to share and test your cloud applications as single click deployments on your website, GitHub or social networks.

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Sample Deployments
  • WordPress - Deploy WordPress
  • Just LAMP - Deploy LAMP
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Instant Cloud Containers!

  • No longer wait around for long server provisioning.
  • Deploy instant containers with your favourite Linux distribution, stack or application pre-installed.
  • Export containers to images, to vastly increase future deployment speeds.
  • Unbelievably fast reboots & snapshots.
  • A secure and easy to use platform, with no-nonsense hourly itemised billing.

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Instant Provisioning

Deploy a cloud container in just a few seconds.

Web & Port Forwarding

Easily forward web and TCP/UDP traffic to your containers.

Let's Encrypt Enabled

Fully automated FREE SSL security for your web traffic.

Integrated Shellinabox

Hassle free direct access to your containers through shellinabox.

Simple Web & Port Forwarding!

  • Point your domains to the server's IP either direct or through Cloudflare, then manage it through the control panel.
  • Hassle-free setup, with default web forwards automatically added to containers.
  • Load balance your apps, with multiple upstream's for additional flexibility and high availability.
  • Enable Let's Encrypt free SSL certificates on your web forwards, setup and automatically renewed, simply by checking a checkbox!
  • Easily expose & forward external ports directly into your containers.
  • No waiting around for DNS changes, with our less than 10 second configuration re-builds.

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Integrated Shellinabox Console!

  • Gain secure instant access to your containers over HTTPS.
  • No complicated personal browser certificates to install and manage.
  • Secure even on a multi-tenant server, only you can access your containers.
  • Zero configuration, it just works!

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Private Servers

Add your own servers in just a few minutes, with our simple guided install process.

Hosted Cloud Scripts

Write and store your bash scripts, which can be used to simplify container software installation and project deployments.


Add users and team members to your account, which will allow them to access and utilise your private servers.

Pay-As-You-Go Containers

Spin up instant containers on our managed servers with affordable itemised hourly billing.

Manage your own LXD Servers

  • Add your own servers in just a few minutes with our automated install process.
  • Define custom container resources and limits with profiles.
  • All LXD API endpoints are covered, with overview and management of the servers containers, operations, profiles, networks, certificates, images and aliases.
  • See additional host server information like CPU, RAM and disk usage.
  • No limits on how many servers you can add.
  • Add users and team members to your account, to allow them access and utilise your private servers.

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Hosted Cloud Scripts

  • Store your remote bash scripts which can be used to automate system package installations, bootstrapping and project deployments.
  • Create once, then click and paste workflow.

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Cloud Linux Containers

Deploy a cloud server with your favourite Linux distribution, stack or application pre-installed.

About Us

We provide an affordable alternative cloud server solution using Linux Containers (LXC) with web and port forwarding.

We also provide flexible bespoke versions for "self-hosted" businesses and developers, please get in touch for further details.

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George Street
Isle Of Wight
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1983-222-202

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